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Influencer marketing.

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Engaging with influencers to produce content that delivers for our clients

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As the way people consume media changes, influencer marketing has become a key part of our offering. From parent bloggers and Insta-influencers to industry experts and celebrities, we work with them to produce content that delivers for our clients and is trusted by their audiences.

Making friends and influencing people

Successful influencer engagement is rooted in building and nurturing relationships. We engage regularly with a variety of macro, micro and nano bloggers, influencers and well-known media personalities across areas like lifestyle, food & drink, parenting and business.

We use social media listening to monitor and analyse the kind of content and influencers that are most appealing to our clients’ target audiences, tap into trends and grow our networks.

Creating authentic campaign content

Authenticity is key so while metrics like influence scores are useful, we deep dive into potential partners' work and how they engage with their audiences to make sure they are the right fit for our clients. We work closely with them to develop the most effective content that meets campaign objectives but also resonates with their followers.

All our influencer marketing activity fully complies with ASA and CMA influencer guidelines.

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