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Financial PR and investor relations.

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Controlling the narrative, from annual results to acquisitions

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Our corporate team has extensive experience in financial PR and investor relations working with companies of all sizes and sectors, from family owned business to multinationals.

Supporting rigorous reporting

We understand the distinct requirements that must be met by listed businesses in terms of their financial reporting and shareholder engagement. It is also increasingly expected for organisations of all scales to be more transparent and regularly communicate their performance not just financially but across areas like sustainability. We can help support ESG reporting and good corporate governance.

Making annual results count in the media

Whether it’s copywriting annual reports or preparing results announcements, we help companies tell the story of their success and manage messaging when it’s been a tougher year for financial performance. We prepare CEOs and board members for speaking to the media and regularly secure UK coverage across key business and sector press.

We also have experience in supporting IPOs and acquisitions, where securing a positive stream of media coverage and heightened profile is a fundamental tactic in preparing a company for sale. We offer senior counsel and strategic advice on both proactive and reactive media management.

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Public relations

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Public affairs

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