Tourism’s leading lights to help Edinburgh ‘Face the Future’ of tourism

The 2019 ETAG Conference takes place at McEwan Hall, Edinburgh, on Thursday 31 January, where a line-up of tourism’s leading experts will share their knowledge, expertise and insights with around 200 representatives from Edinburgh’s tourism sector.

This year’s Conference will be the first opportunity for delegates to hear the highly anticipated results of the initial research into the city’s tourism offer and act as the launch of a 6 month stakeholder consultation process which will inform the development of Edinburgh’s 2030 Tourism Strategy.  This new strategy will succeed the current Edinburgh Tourism 2020 Strategy and will aim to ensure the city retains its reputation as a world class location and top visitor destination in the future.

The conference will also feature keynote speeches from international scholar and sustainable tourism expert Megan Epler Wood, and Bernard Donoghue, Chief Executive of the Association of Leading Visitor Attractions, one of the UK’s leading tourism organisations.  They will focus on topical issues and global challenges while presenting local solutions to support the continued development of a sustainable tourist industry in Edinburgh that benefits local residents and businesses.

Robin Worsnop, the Chair of ETAG commented: “Edinburgh’s tourism sector has gone from strength to strength in recent years and is a great success story, supporting over 34,000 jobs and 3,000 businesses in the city.  The 2020 strategy has been a real catalyst for the growth, but as it reaches its end point, we are very aware that the sector faces a range of new challenges and opportunities and the Conference offers the opportunity for toursm stakeholders and businesses to look at the ways in which we can continue to build on Edinburgh’s robust tourism sector in a sustainable way.”