Federica - PR Account executive - on a hillside

One year as an account executive at 3x1 Group

2022 is when my career started. After graduating from Queen Margaret University, I spent some time travelling around Italy and the USA. When I got back to Edinburgh, I started applying for jobs not knowing what I really wanted to do.   After a month, my former placements supervisor told me that ...
Group of people networking

Eight tips for PR career progression

The public relations and communication industry is constantly evolving and where there is change, there are opportunities. From growing teams, to restructuring agency models to mergers and acquisitions, this brings a wealth of opportunity.   Our mindset is a fundamental part of how we will progress through the industry. Getting out of ...
Westminster in London

Last roll of the dice? A closer look at the Autumn Statement 2023

The Chancellor delivered the 2023 Autumn Statement this week, 22 November, following a damaging month for the Conservative Party. During this chaotic period, we saw Suella Braverman sacked, and the Government’s flagship policy to send immigrants to Rwanda deemed unlawful by the Supreme Court. In the reshuffle following the home ...

Planning effective and engaging seasonal PR campaigns

The transition into autumn is a tough reality for many, as we say goodbye to the summer and welcome in the colder and darker evenings.   But as we begin to embrace the new season with warm jumpers and pumpkin spice lattes, this can only mean one thing... Halloween and Christmas are ...
Instagram broadcast channels

Instagram broadcast channels

Just when you think you’ve got to grips with the latest social media update, a new one is just around the corner. Lately you may have seen several messages pop up in your Instagram notifications saying “@username invites you to join their Broadcast Channel”, which no doubt has raised a ...

Why architecture firms need a well-designed ‘shop window’ on social media

Architects create designs for new construction projects, modifications and redevelopments. They use their specialist knowledge, creativity and high-level drawing skills to design buildings and spaces that are safe, functional, sustainable and inspiring. How design is reflected in social media The BBC reported that buildings can affect our mood and wellbeing, and that specialised cells in ...