Sustainable clear out: Scottish organisations urged to make room for ‘The Big Declutter’


Edinburgh Zoo kicks off Pass it on Week by asking local authorities, businesses and organisations to get involved in ‘The Big Declutter’, an initiative which is supported by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

This year’s national Pass it on Week, which takes place between 9 – 17 March, aims to illustrate that a declutter is more than just a clear out, it is a way to get the items you no longer use in to the hands of someone who will.

Whether you are clearing out books from your shelves, stationary from a cupboard, furniture from your office or tools from storage, Pass it on Week 2019 is a fantastic opportunity for organisations to be part of a nationwide action to ‘declutter’ and ‘pass on’ while supporting sustainability. Organisations can find out how to support the campaign by using Zero Waste Scotland’s online partner guide, which provides ready to use downloadable material.

To launch the campaign, Edinburgh Zoo’s Green Team welcomed a large donation with many items being passed on the Highland Wildlife Park.

Gemma Mudie, head of sustainability at Edinburgh Zoo, said:

“As a wildlife conservation charity, our goal is to connect people with nature and protect species from extinction and we know this is only possible when we’re also working to protect the environment.

“Sustainability is very important to us and, as well as welcoming donations of items we can use to make enrichment for our animals, we also work with a number of other charities and partners to ensure that nothing in good condition goes to waste."

Catherine Bozec, Consumer Campaigns Manager at Zero Waste Scotland said:

“Passing an item on after a declutter can help good causes, as well as reducing the number of items ending up as waste. Having a good clear out reminds us what we really need instead of buying more and this helps to preserve natural resources. Edinburgh Zoo is the perfect example of an organisation that benefits from many of the things that businesses and individuals would likely throw away.”

Pass it on Week is part of Zero Waste Scotland’s Resource Efficient Circular Economy Accelerator Programme, which will invest £73m in circular economy and resource efficiency projects, thanks to support from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

To download the toolkit or sign up as a partner for ‘The Big Declutter’, visit and register your plans at

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