Committee training.

Our specialist training team will ensure you are prepared

Committees set the direction of travel on key issues and provide a platform for all sides of a debate to express their views. An appearance before a committee is an opportunity to liaise directly with policymakers, but preparation and practice are the key to making any appearance in front of MPs, MSPs or councillors a success.

Understanding the opportunities and threats

Our specialist training team works with CEOs and senior business figures to ensure they are prepared, confident and calm in situations ranging from parliamentary committees to cross party group presentations. We provide extensive background briefings on committees and their members so we can best convey the important dynamics that exist between them. Who is sympathetic to your position? Who is opposed? What sort of questions are asked? We provide thorough analysis designed to ensure you are armed with the information you need to present clearly and confidently.

Preparing you for success

We hold mock committee sessions that will get you comfortable with the process and giving answers to questions modelled on those likely to be asked in the actual session. These sessions are chaired by former politicians to add to the authenticity of the event and are invaluable for ensuring committee appearances are a success.

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