Federica - PR Account executive - on a hillside

One year as an account executive at 3x1 Group

2022 is when my career started. After graduating from Queen Margaret University, I spent some time travelling around Italy and the USA. When I got back to Edinburgh, I started applying for jobs not knowing what I really wanted to do.


After a month, my former placements supervisor told me that the PR agency 3x1 was looking for an account executive.


I immediately applied and was delighted to get my first job. I did not know what to expect. However, I was ready to start and give 100% and embrace this new opportunity in a Scottish award-winning PR agency! Here I am after 1 year and 4 months.


First weeks at 3x1

My first weeks were overwhelming, with a two-week onboarding plan, meeting new colleagues, research and familiarising myself with the agency’s clients and projects. What I can say is that the weeks flew by!


It took me a few weeks to get the swing of things. Even though the days were still challenging, I was finishing tasks far faster. Along the way, the team kept introducing me to new jobs and tools, and they were always there to answer my questions.


One of the best experiences I had was getting to travel to Scotland’s most famous distilleries for an important project.


During my first month I had the opportunity to assist Michal, our award-winning video producer, while doing his magic. We filmed video content over a number of days and I remember feeling so lucky, and happy to be working in such an industry. After my first day of filming, I called my family and friends to tell them everything we did during the day. I felt like I was in the right place, and I still feel the same way, this is the right place to learn!


Another project I enjoyed was Castle of Light, and the opening weekend. Being there to support a client alongside TV news journalists and various media outlets was a day to remember. It’s the first time I got to see how live interviews work!


PR agency life

Agency life is very dynamic, and no day is the same. From tight deadlines and last-minute changes, I soon realised and learned the importance of flexibility and adaptability. Setting realistic timelines and prioritising tasks became a vital skill in managing multiple projects simultaneously.


Plus being part of a dynamic and creative team is everything. I discovered that collaboration is essential whether it is for organising media outreach initiatives, perfecting press releases, or producing ideas for new campaigns.


Working in PR agencies is the best place to start if you want to work in marketing and PR. You get to experience so much and the variety of work and clients in different sectors give you a broad range of experiences and learning opportunities.


My first year at 3x1 Group has been nothing short of transformative. During this year I have been through challenges and successes, learning valuable lessons that really shaped me both personally and professionally. I am eager to learn as much as possible and continuing to thrive in the world of PR and marketing.



Federica Bussu. 

Account executive.


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