International Podcast Day: the $60 billion dollar question

What's your favourite podcast?

It's one of those questions that pops up when you're talking with friends, colleagues at work, or even someone you just met when you want to get a conversation (or debate) going.

Along with the books and box sets you consume, your choice of podcast listening says a lot about you.

Those personal picks are often judged by others, and can be seen a badge of honour or a sign of poor taste.

The fact is that podcasts have become a cultural phenomenon since the first one was downloaded almost 20 years ago.

In that time the format has expanded from a niche way for techy types to experiment with sharing info, to a booming media category with serious commercial earning potential

Analysts have valued the global podcast market at almost $10 billion - and expect it to grow to $60 billion in the next five years.

That's why as well as listening to podcasts, everyone is making them too. Or appearing on them. Or advertising around them.

So it's boom time for podcasts, and as a PR agency we help clients create series, secure appearances on episodes and negotiate deals to sponsor shows.

They are a staple feature in publicity campaigns now, and it's fascinating to be involved up close and see how quickly podcasting is evolving - both as an artform and a promotional tool.

Given that we work with podcasts and listen to them we thought it was only right that on International Podcast Day we asked Team 3×1 to share their favourite recommendations with you.

Some are serious, some are guilty pleasures.

Don't judge us, just tune in and enjoy!

Katrine Pearson, managing director: CIPR Engage Podcast and Dressed: The History of Fashion

Graeme Cleland, director: RugbyPod and Stories and Strategies for PR with Doug Downs

Catherine Barrett, account director: Power Hours by Adrienne Herbert and RunPod

Lewis Mearns, digital strategist: Dissect

Nicola Strachan, policy and public affairs strategist: Outrage and Optimism by Christiana Figueres

Amy Carpenter, social media manager: The Girls in Marketing and Off Menu with Ed Gamble and James Acaster

Naomi Cameron, account manager: Marketing Week and Social Minds

Robert Mair, account executive:  Welcome to the Roundtable and The Road to Nowhere European Football Podcast