Atos concludes technology effort behind a truly Digital Olympic Games

Atos, Worldwide IT Partner of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, today announced the completion of delivery of its IT systems that enabled billions of fans around the world to experience Rio 2016. Rio 2016 staked its place in the history books as it became the Olympic Games with more digital coverage than any previous Olympic Games.

From Archery to Golf to Rugby to Wrestling, distributing the results of every single event at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games to the world in less than half a second, is a technological feat years in the making. Driven by the maturity of mobile technology, Atos led the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) IT effort to enable Games results and other data to be shared both online and through traditional means faster, to any platform, anywhere. It is the IT backbone provided by Atos to support the running of the Olympic Games and share the competition results in real-time to worldwide broadcasters that is supporting the explosion in digital consumption.

“Technology is critical to the success of each edition of the Olympic Games,” said Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee. “We are delighted that we will be able to continue relying on Atos and its vast experience to deliver flawless, innovative IT services.”

 “I am extremely proud of the hard work and dedication the Atos teams put in to delivering successfully the technology for the Rio 2016 Games – a fantastic demonstration of Olympic excellence,” said, Thierry Breton, Atos Chairman and CEO. “For each Olympic Games, we bring innovations in technology from Cloud to Cybersecurity as well as solutions around the ever increasing volume of data, to further add to the enjoyment of fans around the world.”

 “As Worldwide IT Partner for eight straight Olympic Games, Rio 2016 serves as a reference and innovation incubator for the core digital IT solutions we deliver,” said Patrick Adiba, Atos Group Executive Vice President, Chief Commercial Officer and CEO for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. ”We directly apply our IT expertise from the Olympic Games to help organizations reinvent themselves as they move forward on their digital journey to success.”

 “Rio 2016 use of Cloud for the very first time at a Summer Olympic Games for key applications including managing over 300,000 accreditations for the complete Olympic family,” said, Elly Resende, Rio2016 Technology Director. “Atos has been with us every step of our IT journey to support us in creating a richer Olympic Games experience for all involved.”

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