Why architecture firms need a well-designed ‘shop window’ on social media

Architects create designs for new construction projects, modifications and redevelopments. They use their specialist knowledge, creativity and high-level drawing skills to design buildings and spaces that are safe, functional, sustainable and inspiring.

How design is reflected in social media

The BBC reported that buildings can affect our mood and wellbeing, and that specialised cells in our brains are attuned to the geometry and arrangement of the spaces we inhabit. And we know that social media has the same affect so, we must treat our social media platforms the same as we would a carefully designed building or space.

When working with a highly visual and quality driven industry, we take the same approach when producing social media content. It’s important to curate an accurate visual representation which reflects the architecture firm, its projects, and team, plus the clientele that the firm wishes to engage.


Your social media platform is your ‘shop window’. It’s a virtual showcase with a huge reach!

Defining the architecture firm’s shop window

Ultimately, most architecture firms will seek advice with the marcomms objectives of attracting new clients and establishing a strong reputation within the industry, supporting the business objectives for growth.


Before we begin developing content, however, we must identify the best platforms to engage your target audience and help meet these objectives.

Realistic budgets

Firms must set aside a budget for content creation. Architecture firms will have a huge bank of project imagery, however, some of this imagery was not captured with the intention of being used to promote the firm or a certain project. Therefore, the content might need to be tweaked, and some projects will need to be revisited for professional photography.


The content you are publishing should be engaging and speak to a specific lifestyle, one that people might aspire to create for themselves by using your firm. Essentially, you want the audience to act because of seeing or reading your post, whether it’s to go through to your website and review a project case study, make an enquiry for a new project or the objective might be to attract more of the right audience to follow your account.

Content ideas for architects

It should highlight what makes the firm different, what sets them apart from their competitors. It might be specialist skills, a unique approach, or resources.


Our job is to be on top of industry trends and tap into these if the firm works within that specific design space. We will never misrepresent by publishing content that isn’t authentic to the client. Authenticity is what followers want. They like when personality shines through.


Build trust with followers and viewers, show them what it takes to complete a project with behind-the-scenes content. A clear understanding of the process will help clients make decisions or encourage them to ask the right questions to inform their decision.

The perfect architecture firm shop window

Finally, we always take a step back to review the detail and look at things from a viewer’s perspective. For example, what does our client’s Instagram feed look like to someone who doesn’t know anything about the firm or architecture – what emotion does the overall aesthetic trigger? Does it align with the brand and if you were in the market for a new home or commercial space would seeing this content make you act?


Look at the objectives set earlier, is the content likely to help achieve those objectives?


Taking it a step further, if we were to conduct consumer research on your behalf, what would viewers say when they saw your grid or reel? What do they like or not like about what they see and read? Would they be likely to submit an enquiry?


The truth is, there is no one-size fits all. Every architecture business is different and will have different objectives, brand values and clientele. With the ever-changing world of social media algorithms and functionality, we’re here to help guide clients through the process and show the best way to help achieve those objectives.

Carly Bannerman. 

Account director. 

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