United Nations of Scotch - Global Diplomats toast Scotland's national drink

The global celebration day for whisky will officially get under way at 11am GMT today (Friday 19th) when the first World Whisky Day event takes place on the other side of the globe in the Pacific islands of Kiribat, followed by hundreds more around the world throughout Saturday 21st May.

As part of the build-up, 20 Edinburgh-based Consular representatives from countries around the world – including key Scotch Whisky markets such as the US, France, Spain, India, Japan, Russia and Turkey – visited the Scottish headquarters of leading Scotch Whisky distiller Diageo for a special whisky event.

Scotch is the world’s favourite whisky, exported from Scotland to over 180 countries and outselling all other globally traded whiskies. It is also one of Scotland and the UK’s most important manufacturing export industries generating annual exports valued at almost £4billion.

The Edinburgh Consuls General and diplomatic representative were hosted by David Cutter, Diageo’s President of Global Supply and Procurement, who paid tribute to the global success of Scotch.

He said: “Scotch is the world’s favourite whisky, sold in practically every country on the face of the earth and we are delighted to celebrate that as part of World Whisky Day.

“Scotch is also massively important here in Scotland where it contributes enormously to the national economy as an export success, but also to the local communities across Scotland where it brings jobs and investment.

“The success of Scotch at home and abroad depends on strong partnership with governments around the world, which is why it has been such a great privilege to have so many Consular representatives from around the world with us this evening.”

Peter Hillier, Honorary Secretary of the Consular Corps in Edinburgh and Leith, said: “Scotch whisky is part of the fabric of Scottish life and it is also loved by people in countries all around the world, so we were delighted to be able to celebrate the success of Scotch for World Whisky Day.”

Scotch is Diageo’s single most important category, selling just over 33 million each year, led by world famous brands such as Johnnie Walker, the world’s biggest selling Scotch whisky brand.

World Whisky Day has grown into a major event to celebrate the success of the whisky industry and inviting people around the world to try a dram. 

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