The Scottish Salmon Company launches new retail ready product in France

The Scottish Salmon Company (SSC), producer of the finest sea loch fresh salmon, has launched an exclusive new product which has been designed specifically to meet demand from France.

Having seen an increase in demand for vacuum packed fillets from the French wholesale market over the past three years, SSC has introduced the new ‘Tartan Salmon Label Rouge ‘wee’ Fillet’, created exclusively for the French retail market. The Company has already been successful in securing sales of the new product to leading supermarkets across France and demand for the retail ready fillet is developing every week.

Graded as a superior cut of salmon, Tartan Salmon Label Rouge is raised in the remote Western Highlands and Islands of Scotland. Label Rouge is the quality mark raised by the French Government to endorse food or farmed products which have been recognised for their superior quality, particularly with regard to taste.

Ahead of its launch into the market, Eric Brujan, Executive Chef at Le Meridien Hotel in Nice, visited SSC sites in the Hebrides earlier this year to see first-hand where the salmon comes from and how it is reared from farm to fork.

With an impressive 34-year career across numerous five-star and Michelin starred restaurants in his home country, the chef uses only the highest quality products for his innovative dishes, including SSC’s Native Hebridean Salmon in the hotel’s renowned restaurants.

Eric Brujan said: “We only use the best quality authentic produce in all of our dishes. For salmon this means we must look to Scotland and we believe The Scottish Salmon Company offers the best quality product available.

“With the launch of the ‘Tartan Salmon Label Rouge ‘wee’ fillet’, more French people will be able to experience this quality in their own homes, which is fantastic news for any food lover. It was great to see first-hand the process from farm to fork and experience the products superior quality and freshness.”

Su Cox, Director at The Scottish Salmon Company, said: “Scottish provenance is known, respected and coveted around the world, with demand for quality and traceability continuing to grow. We’re passionate about our heritage and bringing the finest quality Scottish salmon to overseas markets.

“France has been a key growth market for us for many years, therefore launching our ‘Tartan Salmon Label Rouge ‘wee’ Fillet’ specifically to meet the demand from French consumers, was a natural next step.”