TEAM work experience

If I was to think about a job or a career and what might interest me, marketing is certainly up there, but until recently, I had never quite had the opportunity to explore this passion. 3x1 provided me with a great experience in what has been an amazing learning curve. Encouraging me to discover the working world and get some real experience at a communications agency.

While working at 3x1 I noticed how fast paced public relations and digital marketing agencies can be, adapting to evolving media landscapes and client requests. Digital marketing in particular, is something that has always intrigued me, and the team made sure to help me learn and discover its value.

Never a dull moment

I always felt like the team had time for me. They set me up with various tasks and research that introduced me to the wide variety of work involved in comms and marketing. I really appreciated getting valuable tasks to complete making me feel like part of the team from day one. I should give a special mention to Holly who was my main guide for the week.

Whether I was doing desk-based work, writing copy or on site at a video shoot there was never a dull moment. I was certainly kept on my toes. What else can I say? I was actually excited to go to work in the morning!

A sample of the work I was involved in

  • Updating MSPs' biographies – key to keeping up with the constant changes in political roles, committees and parties, the job gave me insight into how important the political landscape is from a business perspective


  • I was developing ideas for a new campaign for the Kimpton Charlotte Square Hotel in Edinburgh. It was a creative and fun assignment for finding out interesting businesses in the local area and across Scotland, and helping create ideas for future relationships with the companies and the hotel


  • Later in the week, I was set to research whisky influencers on social media platforms such as Instagram. This was a great task for me to develop skills in market research, learn about influencer endorsement for brands and understand about audience demographic


  • One of the final things I worked on was planning and copywriting social media posts for interesting clients such as Our Creative Voice. I received some great insight into digital marketing overall, and it was interesting to see the process for content creation

The 3x1 experience

The team were a big part of the experience. It wasn’t just about turning up and being left along with something that didn’t feel important. 3x1 were always welcoming every morning and created a great working environment.
I would actually say that one of the key things I learned is how important it is to have a motivated, healthy working mindset, and that’s what I picked up from the team at 3x1.

It’s amazing how teamwork really does push people further and beyond limits.


Luke Crosby.

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