Taxing questions in Scotland

It was all about pounds and pence this week as MSPs considered Finance Secretary Derek Mackay’s draft budget at its first stage of legislative scrutiny. There was a great deal of speculation in the run up to the debate as to which party the SNP would call on for support to ...

The only certainty is uncertainty

So Theresa May is the gambling Prime Minister who put her money on red and it came up black as the UK voted for a hung parliament. The election that has been characterised as the one no-one really wanted has moved the country into unchartered territory as Theresa May tries to ...

A far from normal week in UK politics

by Campbell Gunn, 3x1 Strategic Advisor. IN a normal week, the collapse of the Northern Ireland Assembly, and the consequences flowing from it, would have dominated the news. However, this has been far from a normal week in politics. First the numbers. Theresa May has triggered Article 50 of the EU’s Lisbon ...