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OpenAI announcements mean better integration of tech for AI in PR

Yesterday (6 November) was the first OpenAI developer conference, Open AI DevDay, and major updates to ChatGPT have been announced. Over the weekend, leaked updates were the main source of discussion in industry social media groups and I was keeping my eye on some of the emerging topics.


The conference pages says that the “one-day event will bring hundreds of developers from around the world together with the team at OpenAI to preview new tools and exchange ideas.


“Today, over 2 million developers are using GPT-4, GPT-3.5, DALL·E and Whisper for a wide range of use cases—from integrating smart assistants into existing applications to building entirely new applications and services that weren't possible before.”


Weekly, there are more than 100 million people using the platform!


Key theme for AI in PR

The key theme is integration and with integration will come quicker and more effective work.


I’ve been using ChatGPT for trials mostly, seeing where it can help the work of PR and communication professionals. Key considerations when using AI in PR are trust in the source of information, bias and ethical use of data.


As AI develops and as PR and communication professionals use it more in day-to-day work, we will need to trust the tech businesses who are using and developing features.


Key OpenAI announcements include:

  • GPT-4 Turbo is an improved version of the popular GPT4 model and will allow two versions – one for text analysis and one for understanding both text and image. There’s also new pricing
  • Custom chatbots will allow trial and learning for creating, managing, testing and launching chatbots
  • Subscriptions for enterprise businesses
  • Integration with Google Drive and Microsoft365
  • Workspace management will allow users to separate personal and business chatbots
  • Other key updates are improvements to speed and price drops for the API


Techcrunch has some useful technical info if you’re looking for more of that, here.


First ever international statement signed by 28 governments

OpenAI DevDay comes less than a week after Bletchley Park AI Summit, where discussions on the risks of using AI were prominent, from social harms to bias and misinformation.


Every nation which attended, 28 governments, including the United States, China and the UK, signed the first ever international statement about the nature of the risks and agreed to work together on AI safety research.


We know that sharing learnings of some volatile and emerging technologies will help us in the fight against the likes of misinformation and in current world events, such as wars, there has never been a more prominent time to use tech for good.


Ending his press conference at the summit, Rishi Sunak quoted Stephen Hawking: “The late Stephen Hawking once said, ‘AI is likely to be the best or worst thing to happen to humanity”.


“If we can sustain the collaboration that we have fostered over these last two days, I profoundly believe that we can make it the best. Because safely harnessing this technology could eclipse anything we have ever known.


“And if in time history proves that today we began to seize that prize, then we will have written a new chapter worthy of its place in the story of Bletchley Park, and more importantly bequeath an extraordinary legacy of hope for our children and generations to come.”


Whatever we use artificial intelligence for, we must always be transparent and act ethically. We must always use trusted sources and be able to verify them. Finally, the world is grasping the need rather than just using ‘AI’ as a buzzword.


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Development director. 

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