My first week at 3x1 Group

Take it from me, people who tell you that they're not nervous on their first day in a new job are lying – it’s a completely normal emotion. In fact, you would be less “normal” if you didn’t feel nervous. Starting work at the 3x1 Group office in Edinburgh – I really had no reason to be nervous.

From the moment I arrive, I feel a warm welcome but there are only a few minutes to say “Hello” as I am whisked into my first conference call  - a 9 am update with a major client. There’s a lot of detail from the client end and some expert advice from our end but at this point, only 10 minutes through the door, the work felt familiar and I knew I was lucky to be working at 3x1.

Of course, there’s the usual housekeeping and admin to cover off and over the course of my first two days, I get the opportunity to sit down with my immediate colleagues to find out what each of them does and boy, am I impressed. Not only are they all passionate about delivering world class and industry leading communications on behalf of clients, they are highly experienced and in many cases, award winners - recognised by their peers for excellence in their field. I realise that the bar has been set high but I’m ready for the challenge and that’s what I’m about to get.

By mid-week, I’m invited to help my colleagues pitch for delivery of an internal communications plan with an existing client. “I’d just be sitting in though, right?” “Wrong.” I am already part of the team and as such, I needed to play my part. Two practices with colleagues and a couple in front of confused dog later and I am ready as I’ll ever be.

End of the week and pitch-day comes... suited and booted I accompany my “cool as cucumber” colleagues to an imposing head office in Edinburgh’s West End. While their delivery is seamless and mine is definitely less so, I know I’ve put in the work to get through and I know that things will just get better and better. The bottom line is that I feel supported and respected – my colleagues have my back and they want me to be the best I can be for me, for them and for 3x1.

Friday arrives and I am lucky enough to be heading off for a weekend in London. A bit tired but definitely relaxed, it is the perfect opportunity to reflect on my new experiences and challenges. The train journey home from London is however rather surprising. Imagine my shock when it doesn’t include that feeling of dread that I have often associated with going back to work after escaping for the weekend. I am not nervous, I am instead actually looking forward to getting back to the office and being trusted to take on the challenges of the coming week!