Iconic Edinburgh jewellers embarks on a treasure hunt to curate an exhibition to celebrate its craft

Hamilton & Inches has launched a search for bespoke items created by its talented craftspeople over its 155 year history, to create an extensiveCelebrating Our Craft exhibition featuring some of its greatest designs.

Home to an expert team of silversmiths and jewellers, Hamilton & Inches has created special pieces for a wide array of clients including the Scottish Rugby Union and Glenrothes distillery which have been designed and handcrafted in the workshops situated above the showroom on George Street. This exhibition will not only celebrate old artefacts and past projects but the talent of the team who have helped to mark many a memorable moment.

The Edinburgh-based jewellers - which has held a Royal Warrant for over 120 years - is currently working to carefully renovate the 19th century building, transforming its showroom, workshops and service department to create an even more memorable experience for Hamilton & Inches customers. Adding to this in-store experience will be the Celebrating Our Craft exhibition, set to be on display from March 2021, showcasing the pieces against the beautifully reimagined showroom.

Bespoke commissions continue to be created in the workshops to this day, using ancient skills and crafts still in operation, all essential to creating beautiful, iconic items that will be remembered and celebrated forever. Hamilton & Inches is committed to ensuring craftmanship is relevant to contemporary life, especially at a time when fast fashion is a huge part of our culture. This exhibition will shine a light on the impact and reach of Hamilton & Inches and how important it is for the craft to continue throughout Scotland.

Victoria Houghton, Hamilton & Inches CEO, said: “Now that we’re in our 155th year, it’s the perfect time to celebrate our past creations and look to the future. The Celebrating Our Craft exhibition will not only allow us to showcase a collection of exquisite items – but will act as an opportunity to share the incredible stories behind them with existing and new audiences.

To help curate the Celebrating Our Craft exhibition, Hamilton & Inches are asking for anyone who has commissioned a bespoke item which could feature in the showcase to get in touch. Please email hello@hamiltonandinches.com with details and images of the piece.