Hospitals Inquiry meet with legal representatives

Lord Brodie today, Thursday 18 March, held a virtual meeting with legal representatives of core participants to set out the immediate priorities for the Scottish Hospitals Inquiry and update them on progress.

The independent Inquiry is investigating the construction of the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Campus (QEUH) in Glasgow and the Royal Hospital for Children and Young People and Department of Clinical Neurosciences (RHCYP/DCN) in Edinburgh.

Public hearings are scheduled to take place from 20 September and will focus on the experiences of patients and families and how they were affected by issues at both hospitals.

During the meeting, Lord Brodie highlighted the considerable investigative progress made so far and emphasised the integral part affected families will have in the Inquiry’s work.

A recording of the meeting can be found via this link:

Lord Brodie, Chair of the Scottish Hospitals Inquiry, said: “Our first priority is to understand the experiences of affected patients and their families. The majority of core participants are associated with these individuals and their families so this meeting was an important milestone to establish a productive and collaborative dialogue.

“Core participants’ views are vital and will help inform the ways we work. Where possible, I want to share with them the latest developments from our investigations.

“We have already begun to speak with families in relation to both hospitals, however, we ask anyone who has not been in touch with us yet with relevant experience or information to contact us. We want to understand people’s experiences, where things went wrong that could have been prevented and what impact that has had on patient care.

“Our witness support team is available to guide individuals through the process and answer any questions they may have.”

Ahead of the formal hearings later this year, a procedural hearing is scheduled for 22 June and will take place remotely. Further details about the September hearings will be announced then.

The Scottish Hospitals Inquiry will determine how issues relating to adequacy of ventilation, water contamination and other matters impacted on patient safety and care and whether these issues could have been prevented.

It will also examine the impacts of these issues on patients and their families and whether the buildings provide a suitable environment for the delivery of safe, effective care. It will make recommendations to ensure any past mistakes are not repeated in future NHS infrastructure projects.

Relevant information can be shared by calling the Inquiry’s dedicated phone line on 0808 196 5000 between 8:30am and 5:00pm Monday to Friday or emailing Further contact details are available on the website