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Eight tips for PR career progression

The public relations and communication industry is constantly evolving and where there is change, there are opportunities. From growing teams, to restructuring agency models to mergers and acquisitions, this brings a wealth of opportunity.


Our mindset is a fundamental part of how we will progress through the industry. Getting out of your own way is probably the biggest hurdle. But with a bit of focus and some dedication to thinking and acting, you could be on your way up the ladder sooner rather than later.


Eight tips to consider


1. Build a network – expand it beyond your city, country and area of work. You need aim for diversity of thinking, cultures, and skillsets


2. Invest time in building relationships – we’re in the business of building relationships after all!


3. Monitor industry trends and know when to act – don’t just keep your head buried in your work. Make sure you know what’s happening in the industry and keep your finger on the pulse with emerging skills and new areas of focus. Try to have an ‘always learning’ mindset


4. Invest in yourself! It doesn’t need to cost a penny, there are so many free sources for learning and development be it a podcast, blog, free webinar or skills guide. There are also some excellent paid courses too, through CIPR, PRCA, CIM, Marketing Society and Content Marketing Association. You should dedicate time each month to learning and development - this will be different for each practitioner. But a solid plan will help guide you. Don’t forget to log CPD points!


5. Really think about what you like and what you’re good at it. What job role do those skills apply to? It’s not all about delivery – you might want to specialise in research or planning or look at the more technical side of AI or perhaps SEO. Most agencies now have specialists in these fields and so there are more opportunities than say 10 years ago


6. Don’t let YOU hold YOU back. Get out of your own way!


7. Get a mentor – CIPR has a great free scheme for members called Progress


8. Dream big! You’re the CEO of your life (love that saying!)


I hope this has helped focus the mind a bit this January to inspire your thinking and ignite your ambitions for the year ahead!

Laura Sutherland. 

Development director.


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