Adapting social media strategy during COVID-19

In light of covid-19, we’re spending a lot more of our time online. Our morning meetings are now morning Zoom calls; our local pub quizzes are now streamed live on Twitch and our family gatherings take place in Houseparty. And that’s not even bringing social media into the mix. Recent statistics show that Facebook and Instagram have seen a 40% increase in usage which gives social media managers a unique challenge.

Like many agencies and social media managers around the world, we’ve had to adapt strategies and content plans considerably over the last few weeks and the situation is still evolving daily. Our clients’ needs are changing, and we must identify how to incorporate a more human approach online while still trying to sell/market products or services.

Our digital team have pulled together their top tips/thoughts on how to navigate social media marketing in a COVID-19 world.

Focus on your brand values

We need to stay connected to our audience and remain front of mind, regardless of whether our businesses are still able to sell products and/or services. So to kick us off, we shouldn’t be afraid to post content. Yes, this content will be different from what had originally been planned and approved – a recent Kantar study showed that people are still responding to ads in a similar manner however tone should not come across as self-serving.


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Been on our phones a tad more often recently.

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Content should be relatable and it’s important to ensure the tone of the copy is in line with the current situation. We may have to provide additional context to content which was shot previously.

Understand your audience

If you haven’t had a look at your audience insight lately, now is the time to do it. Check who is following your page and consider the type of content that they’ll be looking to see. For example, if the client is a government body and an industry leader many will be looking to your page for credible advice and perhaps official comments.

Audiences are anxious and may be more sensitive to messaging so it will be vital to ensure tone of voice is appropriate for the situation.

Offer value

For a lot of us, we’d be looking at click through rates (CTR) or online sales as our key measures of success from our social content, however, during this uncertain time and the considerable change in customer behaviour, it may be necessary to switch up objectives and consider engagement as the key performance indicator. Offering up the content the audiences want will drive engagement, take for example, Pret a Manger who have been sharing some of their recipes.


If you are looking for support with remaining visible and adapting your social media strategy and content, please get in touch.