3x1 Public Relations co-founder Julie McGarvey launches The 3x1 Blog

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Welcome to The 3x1 Blog – long overdue I know.  I have to confess this is my first post and I have promised Team 3x1 that I will be super social for the remainder of 2014 and blog more regularly than I tweet (not very often).

It’s time I told some stories about my career in PR in Scotland and London.  While I won’t be blogging about handbags I will share a thought (or the odd rant!) from time to time about my bêtes noires, the PR industry and even my passion for food & drink, travel, biographies, genealogy, dogs, Glasgow and Edinburgh!

Fittingly, I am not long back from the gastronomic Basque Country and the autonomous community of northern Spain who are fascinated by the spirit of Scotland – not just uisge beatha, but our imminent vote on independence.  While Basque cuisine is excellent, this trip reminded me of Albert Roux who recently said how blessed we are in Scotland to have such a rich natural larder.  Scotland is truly a land of outstanding food and drink – but not enough Scots realise this - that's why the annual Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight in September hosts hundreds of events up and down the country showcasing festivals of street food.

So, social media has come of age and so have I, after nearly 30 years in the PR industry.  I’ve decided to join the conversations – and practise what I preach to the fab team at 3x1. There has never been such an exciting time to be in public relations, strategic communications, content marketing or whatever you want to call it!

PRs are masters at storytelling and I certainly have a few stories I could tell – unique experiences; good, bad and ugly clients, successes and disasters …. well, maybe not.  For the moment I’ll keep it short and sweet.

Julie is a co-founder of 3x1 and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations.  She has worked in the communications business for 30 years and has led numerous award winning campaigns, specialising in integrated consumer brand building campaigns and crisis/reputation management.


By Julie McGarvey, 3x1 Public Relations Director, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Scotland